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Welcome to Migration Law Training

We offer state of the art professional education courses in migration law and practice for lawyers and Registered Migration Agents that focus on usable, practical aspects of migration law that you can put to use in your migration practice now.

Our training is detailed and comprehensive, and covers the latest legal and policy updates as well as important case law precedents and emerging trends in migration law in Australia, plus we focus on how practitioners are successfully obtaining visa grants and positive AAT and court decisions.

What Our Participants Say

Comments from Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers about MLT courses

Excellent webinar, could not fault either quality of material or the presentation method, audio and video were really great, handouts clear, so very helpful to include a comprehensive submission example, overall the standard of this material and teaching rivals or surpasses that taught at University

Thank you again for your wonderful and practical lectures! I cannot wait for the next one and it’s for sure that we’ve been missing for a long time having someone like you.

Just would like to thank you for the recent webinars (attend 2 so far). I was very impressed by them, the quality of the content and the dynamic manner that they have been conducted. I have recommended it to my colleagues, and I'm looking forward to the next ones!

One of the most amazing webinars. Never attended a webinar with such detailed information.

One of the best presenters, thanks Mark! I also love the sample submission you have emailed excellent reference!

Very informative and engaging.

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