Our live migration law online seminars meet OMARA requirements for Category B online seminars and use state of the art technology to bring you practical migration law education in a live setting from the comfort of your home or office, including direct access to your instructor for live questions.

Our migration law online seminars are taught by knowledgeable, experienced professionals who deliver practical, actionable knowledge and skills you can put to use in your migration practice immediately. Each course is delivered as a live interactive online seminars that learners can connect to via their computer from anywhere in the world, and can access audio via computer or telephone. Questions from attendees are encouraged during the online seminars.

Most of our online seminars also offer downloadable reference information and examples. Questions are welcome, and instructors are generally available for questions via email after the online seminar concludes.

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In recognition of the hardships many RMAs are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Migration Law Training is now offering our series of live online seminars as FREE CPD eligible for OMARA points for the remainder of 2020 to all RMAs. These courses are the same courses we normally offer featuring practical, usable information, resources and skills for RMAs plus some new courses, provided in an online interactive format includes downloadable PDF examples for most courses. All RMAs are welcome, book early to ensure your place, places are limited for each course.

Schedule 3: Understanding the Law and Creating Successful Waiver Applications

A detailed examination of the Schedule 3 regulations and policy, including a special focus on the Schedule 3 waiver provisions and how practitioners can create the most effective Schedule 3 waiver applications and submissions. Includes PDF submission examples for partner visas. OMARA Activity SM402 (1 Cat B point)

Upcoming free course dates (click on a date to register now):   Wed 3 June 2:00-3:30pm,   Wed 8 July 2:00-3:30pm

Family Violence Provisions for Partner Visas: Avoiding Common Mistakes

A detailed look at the family violence provisions for partner visas, including a special focus on common mistakes and misunderstandings about how these important provisions function. Includes sections on effectively working with family violence victims, the requirements for a successful family violence claim, judicial and non-judicial evidence requirements, lodging your claim package and evidence, and interplay between the family violence claims and the underlying partner visa application. Includes PDF family violence claim examples and other handouts.  OMARA Activity SM480 (1 Cat B point)

Upcoming free course dates (click on a date to register now):  Fri 5 June 2:00-3:30pm,   Fri 10 July 2:00-3:30pm

4013/4014 Exclusion Periods: Understanding the Law and Creating Successful Waiver Applications

A detailed look at the exclusion period provisions of PIC 4013/4014 including pathways to meeting the criteria, when the criteria apply and don’t, and strategies and specific case studies re creating submissions to request a waiver of PIC 4013 or 4014. Includes PDF submission examples.  OMARA Activity SM404 (1 Cat B point)

Upcoming free course dates (click on a date to register now):  Fri 19 June 2:00-3:30pm,   Fri 24 July 2:00-3:30pm

Successful AAT Appeals: Strategies for Successful Submissions and Hearings

A detailed examination of the AAT appeals process focusing on writing effective and successful submissions, identifying and using evidence effectively, preparing your client for an AAT hearing, the role of agents at an AAT hearing, and post-hearing actions. This will focus primarily on AAT MRD division cases, however a brief overview of how the AAT General Division works will also be included. Includes PDF submission examples. OMARA Activity SM477 (1 Cat B point)

Upcoming free course dates (click on a date to register now):  Wed 10 June 2:00-3:30pm,   Wed 15 July 2:00-3:30pm

Marketing Your Services as an RMA in the Age of COVID-19

A detailed look at how RMAs can design an effective marketing program to generate new leads and convert those leads to fee-paying clients using word of mouth, online marketing, relationship marketing and more. Includes specific techniques that can be used during the COVID-19 crisis with a special focus on online marketing and online activities that can generate new clients. OMARA Activity SM479 (1 Cat B point)

Upcoming free course dates (click on a date to register now):  Fri 12 June 2:00-3:30pm,   Fri 17 July 2:00-3:30pm

Writing Successful Submissions – What Works, What Doesn’t, and How to Win

A detailed look at ways to structure and prepare highly effective written submissions for DHA and the AAT. Includes examination of different submission structures, language, tone, positioning of the agent vs client, effective quoting, the best use of legislation and policy references, referencing evidence and much more. Includes PDF submission examples. OMARA Activity SM478 (1 Cat B point)

Upcoming free course dates (click on a date to register now):  Wed 17 June 2:00-3:30pm,   Wed 22 July 2:00-3:30pm

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